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integral impact investment

Impact Investments is at an early stage in its evolution. Despite the progress over the past decades, much work remains to be done if Impact is to become the overarching investment methodology of the future. Whilst the “Zeitgeist” has created a strong impulse for Impact to develop, many are asking questions around how best to align and implement Impact into their portfolios. This book is an answer for those who have reached the stage where they are asking a high quality “How best to do this?”.

It’s also a story of being, becoming, knowing and doing in and for Impact capital. Whilst Peter Drucker was right in saying that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”, we explore that equally and more importantly how Ontology eats culture for breakfast.

The Integral architecture and technology is ideal to build a full spectrum Impact approach on.  This book aims to frame and help any  investor to create a true blueprint to understand how capital acts a trans-formative agent for real Impact.

As each intention, impulse and expression for Impact will be different, we all need to explore its territories over time using a comprehensive and dynamic map which also create and retain Impact knowledge.

Combining finance & economics with depth psychology, I have spent the best part of my now 30+ year career exploring and working with the deeper aspects and meanings of money and how to best align and integrate capital and consciousness.


A Full-Spectrum Approach

Assisting professional asset management organisations and family offices to build and develop their impact investment frameworks

Inital Consultation, Assessment & Diagnostic

As in any potential relationship, we first seek an understanding as to whether there is rapport and one can and want to engage and work together. This is followed by an outline understanding of the key drivers behind the capital and its dynamics both technically and personally. This is a structured process and usually takes no longer than an hour or so and is without any obligation on either side.

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All work is bespoke to create a safe and open environment to ensure that trust is built and to deal with the myriad of complexities that are usually evoked when working with capital. To ensure absolute privacy and confidentiality, all workshops are 1-on-1 with individuals, groups or organisations. Depending of the issues evoked during the initial consultations, a tailored approach is almost always necessary to maximise time and help drive better outcomes for those concerned.

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Robert Dellner’s formidable work follows in the footsteps of much that has come before, in the areas of social auditing, reporting, and accounting, prior to the establishment of the field he has now entered and evolved in a duly integral guise, namely ‘Impact Investment’.
Dr Prof. Ronnie Lessem
Investors need a map if they are going to navigate in the world of impact investing. But even before this, investors need to believe investments matter, to relate to their money in a new way; to see it as a tool for change.
Ben Bingham
CEO, 3Sisters Investment Management

My New Book

Integral Impact Investments

I did not set out intentionally or strategically to write this book. Having grown up in mainly Sweden in a family with its own trials and tribulations around money, the idea became inevitable after having worked for many years with capital and investments, as a psychotherapist and also following my PHD on Integral development. The thesis and synthesis was so strong that it became obvious to me how integrated these areas in actuality are and how the Integral technology is perfectly suited to be adapted for the emergent World of Impact Investments.

This book is an important read, particularly for the younger generation of investors who want their investments and money to do good.

– Mark Anielski, economist and author, „The Economics of Happiness“ and „An Economy of Well-being“

This book is not intended as an academic treatise, nor as book about why you should invest with a deeper conscience as many books have been written about such matters. This book is about your own journey into Impact investments, it aims to show a high quality “how” to do Impact investments going forward by providing a roadmap on which you may wish to travel.

Values Based Leadership; an introduction.

Impacting Investment through Integral Consciousness.

About Me

Robert studied Economics and Marketing in Stockholm, Business in London which was followed by Corporate Finance and Investment Management at the London Business School. He is a qualified Clinical Psychotherapist and graduated in 2020 with a PHD from Trans4M, Geneva in Integral Organisational & Business Development.

His career began within a corporate treasury function in Switzerland before moving into banking with Paribas Capital Markets in London where he became Fixed Income Sales Head of the Scandinavian and German regions.

This led him to become Markets Sales Head in Europe at Citigroup and subsequently returning to BNPParibas to run the High Yield Credit Sales and Research Team in Europe. He became an independent consultant, working for firms such as Deutsche Bank, RBS, and Merrill Lynch, Bank of China among others dealing with technical internal development in areas such as Credit risk, Corporate Finance and Derivatives but also with organisational development in sales and culture. He then joined Fortis Bank where he became the Global Head of Client Solutions and more recently, he was the Chief Credit Officer for Assetz Capital where he established the Credit risk function after he also partnered to build a family office in London. Over the past few years, he has been solely focused on creating  I³ as a unifying and open source technology for family offices and investment firms.

Track record

Citigroup, Markets Sales Head, Europe

BNPParibas, High Yield Sales & Research Head

Independent consultant: Deutsche Bank, RBS, and Merrill Lynch, Bank of China

Global Head of Client Solutions & Member of Ex-Co, FortisBank

CCO, Assetz Capital

Head of Impact & Strategy, Family office

Member of the International Bankers
Association and the Society for Organisational Learning (SoL), CICM, IBE, TTF, RSA the BACP and the UKCP

Main Studies & Qualifications

Economics and Marketing in Stockholm

Business Studies in London

Finance & Investment Management at LBS

Diploma in Psychotherapy

PHD with Trans4M, Geneva.

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