About Me

About me

From Swedish and German origin, I grew up inside a family with several business interests for whom many inherited values and beliefs centred around your capacities to achieve success in the forms of money, property and prestige. Money was not only important but also a lens through which often relationships were dynamically prioritised and valued and as such, shaped our lives. During my youth, I studied Economics and Business in Sweden, in the mid 1980’s I first moved to Switzerland to work as an accountant followed by a move to the UK to work in the treasury department of a large family owned construction firm.

This was followed by working with Paribas Capital Markets whilst studying Finance and Investment Management at the London Business School. There I working mainly in the Fixed Income, Derivatives, Credit and Structured Product areas. I later joined Citibank as Head of Fixed Income Sales Head in Europe followed by becoming Head of High Yield Markets there and back to what is now BNPParibas. After having set up an asset management firm that was subsequently sold, I worked for several years as a consultant for several banks such as Deutsche, Barclays, Bank of China and Fortis.

Fortis Bank subsequently hired me to implement deeper growth and development strategies for their business as their Global Head of Client Solutions & Structured Products and a member of the EXCO that run the corporate credit business and portfolio. It was in this management and leadership position that I started to work more deeply with organisational culture and integrate real organisational development.

Having now more fully realised the importance of understanding the deeper Psychology in business, I decided take time out to study Psychology further. After qualifying as a Psychotherapist, this led me to private practice and the NHS, where I specialised in relationships and addictions. This was followed by setting up the credit risk management infrastructure as the Chief Credit Officer at Assetz Capital and then to establish a private family office in London as their Chief Impact and Risk Officer. It was during this time that I sought to further incorporate and synthesise all my available knowledge which led into working on the Integral models and modes of development and transformation inside a PhD/PHD with Trans4M in Geneva.

This work is what has generated the idea behind Integral Impact Investments (I³) and which I’m now looking to help others to use and overlay into their own Investment methodologies to more fully embody what real Impact is about.

Throughout my life I have sought ways and practices to integrate mind, body, emotion and spirit. For me, it’s mainly the ongoing practice of Martial arts, first Judo and then Karate-Do, that has been the vehicle for such continued integration.