Integral Impact Investments

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No book can ever cover the full spectrum of Impact investments and the technology needed to design and build Impact frameworks. It’s for this reason we call this book “an introduction” as this is all it can be.

It’s intended as a journey into some of the deeper aspects of Impact for ourselves and our organisations and the way we, as individuals shape our relationships with its various components. We also aim to provide the design and architecture for a full spectrum approach for Impact, so anyone can take this simple blueprint build or overlay the Integral framework into their own Impact methodology.

This book is not intended for the fainthearted, it’s intended for those who now with deep integrity, intention and resolution is seeking to find the meaning of real Impact and the relationship to capital.

Robert Dellner adds an important advance to the necessary body of writing that will assist us towards a fair, clean, safe future civilization.
Joel Solomon,
Renewal Funds, author of The Clean Money Revolution
I can now see how the I³ approach can no only help me to fully explore and work with all the Impact dimensions in a way that help our performance. I now also see how this way of working would be crucial for the family I represent to better understand how capital can help in their own growth and development.
CIO, UK Family Office

What you will learn in this book

1. Learning

This book is essentially a journey of the self and our relationship to capital. This is one of the most important relationships we develop throughout our lifetimes, and one that influences and shapes all our other relationships. Impact investments as a reflection of this relationship needs to also be managed within a framework that deepens and enhances our search and need for real meaning. The aim of this book is to provide a deeper insight to these dynamics so we can shape true calling for Impact and fulfil our purpose and contribution in life.

2. Learning

This book seeks to provide the reader with an architectural blueprint on which to design and build their own unique approach to Impact investments within their own specific contexts.

We don’t seek to provide that many “Why’s” of Impact but rather help build a road-map in which to explore the Impact territory so over time, our “Why” becomes ever bigger and possibly even trans-formative for the self and for others.

3. Learning

We introduce the Integral four-worlds model and map as the vehicle in which we will travel into the four dimensions of real Impact. This Integral map evolves in stages so we can fully assimilate, evolve and further co-create the relevant knowledge  for our own Impact methodology  and framework. This Integral model contain several dynamics (4’C’s, CARE and the GENE etc.) which helps to steer and in navigating its development and management as it grows with and within ourselves.

4. Learning

Our main thesis is that in reality, all investments are in effect Impact Investments, i.e. they have a footprint and make an Impact in all four dimensions. If so our synthesis between the self and our capital should include this understanding to its deepest possible level. The book is intended to take you on this journey of discovery and exploration so you can see and feel for yourself the truth of this thesis. The re-integration of these missing parts will also make you and your organisations more resilient and less subject to stresses and risk. As the book highlights, in actuality, Integral organisations and their people actually perform better so it’s almost a more relevant question in today’s world why we don’t manage capital and organisations in this way.

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