Initital Consultation

Alignment & Implementation

As in any potential relationship, we first seek an understanding as to whether there is rapport and one can and want to engage and work together. This is followed by an outline understanding of the key drivers behind the capital and its dynamics both technically and personally. This is a structured process and usually takes no longer than an hour or so and is without any obligation on either side.

If agreed, an assessment and diagnostic process may take place to go deeper into the key objectives around the capital to understand what is behind the key drivers that make up its meaning making. This includes looking at other interpersonal dynamics and issues that may exist in how the capital is perceived and managed between possibly multiple stakeholders. This process may take a little time depending on complexities but usually, an outline can be achieved in a couple of days with a possible roadmap ahead.

All consulting work is handled by I³ Partners Limited.
All our work is conducted on the basis of mutual understanding. To help in this we usually start any discussions with an initial no-obligation orienteering dialogue to ascertain as to whether such basis exists.
Feel free to contact us if you would like to see how we can work together.
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